We do understand a payment platform is not only a payment method but also your trust to us. We appreciate and for this reason we attach great importance to the payment method, which you can pay the order convenient, and the better you can complain us ◠◡◠ on the platform if our products or service is not satisfied you.

    1: Pay by credit card and debit card . 
     When checking out your order you can choose this payment method , on this payment platform you can pay by both credit card and debit card easy and fast, You need download an APP and rigister on this platform , its easy and fast and on this platform you can :

  • Pay by credit card and debit card.
  • Pay by wiretransfer.
  • Complain.
  • Easy refund.
  • Rate our products and service.

     Please contact us if you meet problems on any step, Downloading the app and registration take about 5 minutes but please trust us we will make you feel it is worth.
     If you are not satisfied with the products or our service , please contact us firstly , you can contact by whatsapp, by emails , or send email to our manager , before your problems be resolved , please trust us firstly .


     2: Pay by wise.
     It is so easy to pay if you also have an wise account, you need download the wise app, register and do the identity authentication , it is not difficult only if you have a credit card . This process take a few minutes to finish。
     You can pay via by both credit card or debit card in wise, by wire transfer or ACH transfer(america bank). 
     Another benefit for owning a wise account is, we can give you refund easy and fast if any products not in stock or if you want to cancel the order.


     3: Bank wire transfer.
     We have open several local company bank accounts and global company bank account , we will send you the company bank account information if you choose wire transfer , usually arrivel fast . 
     All wire transfer payment will be take seriously just because your trust so we swear never let you down, remenber contact us if you meet any problems and if you don't get a timely or satisfactory response, please send emails to our manager.


     4: Western union or moneygram. 
     Many customers like use western union or money gram to transfer the payment as it's convenient both online or offline, but for us we face a few problem when pick up money from western union or moneygram, we will give you the information to transfer the payment , but honest speaking it's a little unstable, sometimes need the sender fix or change the receiver name or even need cancel the payment.
     We feel sorry if any payment make you some troubles but please always believe that you pay us then you will receive what you want. 


    5: Other payment method.
    We are willing to try more in this area, so please contact us if you want to use other payment method. We would like to do every attempts for all sincerely customers who want to do business with us based on equality, mutual benefit and win-win, but its Strongly not welcome if you want to defraud or any other bad things.


    Attached is the contact inforamtion of our working team:


    Sincerely and Thank you again.
    Kelly of FAITHKEYBIZ Team