Q1 :  How to place my orders ?
A1 :  METHOD 1 : Place the order on our website.
        Step 1 : Rigister on our website.
        Step 2 : Add all the products you wanted to the shopping cart and checking out. Fill in the shipping address ,Choose the shipping method , Choose the payment method , after everything finish , Submit the order to finish .
        Step 3 : Our seller will contact you in 12 hours ( Because of the time difference ) after you place the order for the payment.
        METHOD 2 : Place the order by whatsapp or wechat. 
        You can click https://8618102583750.wasap.my/ to contact lisa to place the order , send photos to tell her what you want , and she will make the order list for you and give you the payment information and guide you to make payment .
        The same way you can place the order by wechat if you would , the wechat number is : 18102583750






Q2 :  How long is the shipping take ?
A2 :  For the normal time , the DHL take only 5-7 days to arrive north america,Western european and australia .
        For the Special time ( The Coronavirus Time ) , because of much fewer flights than before , take 20-25 days to these area.





Q3 :  What payment method you accept?
A3 :  For now we accept payment by paypal , western union and bank wire transfer





Q4 :  How to make payment by paypal?
A4 :  If you have an paypal account , just sign into your paypal account , click send money , Follow the step to write the amount and our paypal account , Finish all steps to finish the payment
       If you havn't a paypal account , Registered a paypal account on paypal official website www.paypal.com or paypal app , Bind the paypal account with your credit card or debt card . complete your information and then you can make payment by paypal .





Q5 :  How can i make payment by my credit card ?
A5 :  You can make payment by your credit card with paypal , just bind your credit card with you paypal account and then you can pay by credit card . 





Q6 :  How long to take to delivery out the orders ?
A6 :  Usually speaking we will send your orders in 24 hours if everything smoothly.
        Some products (for example some fashion shoes) need order to produce in the factory.then take some more days . 
        Sometimes the factory give us the wrong color or size , then take more days.
        Sometimes the products have a little defect , the same take more days .
        And if you need photos checking before shipping , will delay the shipment too .
        If you place the order to us then please trust us , in our mind , the MOST IMPORTANT THING is giving you the perfect products , Understanding each other is appreciated.
        You no need Urge us to delivery the parcels because we are more urgently than you , if the products is perfect after our checking then we will send out as soon as possible . 
        IMPORTANT SUGGESTION : Please keep patience to wait our feedback about the orders after you place the orders , our team work hard everyday to process all the orders quickly , we will delivery out if the order is 100% perfect , compare receiving a products with defects we think you'd better receive a perfect products . Please understand and respect our work . all customers is our god , we understand you deeply but the same please trust us deeply. 





Q7 :  Why my parcel status is always "Shipment information received" on the DHL official website ?
A7 :  About this question , we need firstly explain you how our shipping work.
        We are in guangzhou city , chinese mainland , we need delivery the parcels by hongkong DHL or taiwan DHL but not chinese mainland DHL , because these place are Free trading ports , when the products in your orders is ok , we will give them to the shipping company to make the package , the shipping company will give the parcels to the agents of hongkong DHL or taiwan DHL in chinese mainland and delivery the parcels to hongkong or taiwan , when there is a flight the dhl company will start to delivery the parcel and then your parcel will start to move.
        Because DHL delivery the parcels by Civil Aviation , IN THE CORONAVIRUS TIME the Civil Aviation is much fewer than before , so the flights is severely lacking than before . 
        When arriving taiwan or hongkong , the parcels need wait DHL's flights to be delivery , all the parcels need queue to be picked up by DHL , thats why the status is always "Shipment information received" and when you call DHL they said the parcel is still not been picked up.
        when we sent our your parcel , we will take photos of the delivery bill and the products of your order , but this not means its already started to be delivery in the special time .
        Please understand and Trust us , for us , we no need "NOT DELIVERY YOUR PARCEL" when the products is ok , just because DHL not working as quickly as normal time .
        We do our best to resolve any possible problems and reply your messages and emails as soon as possible .We are much appreciated for your understand , Patience and support .